Dear Past, thanks for all the lessons.


Dear Future, I'm ready to kick ass.


Human beings are amazing creatures. We take risks, we make mistakes, we learn, and we grow. We are constantly evolving and challenging ourselves. We thrive on adversity and we shine with resiliency.  

When we are faced with such challenges, we have two options: We can either become controlled by our adversities, or we can use them as tools to take on this world and its most demanding obstacles.  Which path do you want to take?


My Services

I specialize in working with young adult women, people who are trans, and people who are non-binary, people in the Kink and BDSM community, people who are interested in improving self-care and well-being through a collaborative process of art therapy, flow theory, and strengths-based counseling. In our work together, you will discover how to foster flow and optimal experience through creativity, and engage in empowerment through deep reflection.  These tools are a powerful combination when processing traumatic emotions and memories, as well as memories associated with grief, anxiety, and depression.

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What Is Telehealth?

People often find safety and comfort by attending counseling sessions from their own home or office. Studies show that telehealth counseling not only provides a comfortable and secure setting for care, but can also help improve therapeutic outcomes. I use a HIPAA secure video platform to conduct sessions with you from your most safe space.

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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is used to help you process some of your most deeply embedded memories, and process emotions that are hard to name or verbalize. By using creativity, combined with talk therapy, you will connect with a deeper version of yourself, in the area of your brain where you store memories and experiences. You don't have to participate in art therapy during your sessions with me, but it is always an option if you're interested in exploring it.

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"Embracing the vulnerability it takes to rise up from a fall and grow stronger makes us a little dangerous. People who don’t stay down after they fall or are tripped are often troublemakers. Hard to control. Which is the best kind of dangerous possible. They are the artists, the innovators, and the changemakers."

—Brenè Brown


I believe that both creating art and experiencing flow are imperative in finding a balance in this chaotic world. I would love to work with you so that you can find a satisfying balance within your own life's ebbs and flows.


"It is by being fully involved with every detail of our lives, whether good or bad, that we find happiness; not by trying to look for it directly."

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Sessions are scheduled for 25 minute, 50 minute, or 80 minute increments. Please click the button below for more information about my fees.